Strategic Plan


Together We Shape Our Future: School Ƶ 60 Board Strategic Plan

We’re setting the stage for the future of our schools by renewing our Strategic Plan – together!

The School Ƶ 60 Board Strategic Plan will establish a focus and priorities to guide our district
planning and decision making to make our schools even better and help our students reach their goals. This process will be led by the School Board, and we will be working with students, families, staff and community members to make sure the Strategic Plan serves the needs of our School Ƶ 60 community.

About the Board Strategic Plan:

The Board Strategic Plan isn’t just words on paper. It’s our guidebook, influencing how we allocate
resources, make decisions, and plan for the future. It ensures that every action we take aligns with our shared goals, making the most positive impact.

Key focus areas for the Plan include:

  • Student Learning & Wellness
  • Early Learning & Childcare
  • Truth and Reconciliation
  • Operations and Facilities
  • People Development (staff)
  • Governance

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